Identity work?


There has been several recent conversations where the opportunity to
look (again) at better identity management in Web browsers have
* among the APIs that the recently announced Chrome-Apps brought to
their mobile Cordova wrapper includes "identity"

* the work on WebRTC has a component dedicated to identity to enable P2P

* the closing-the-gap report suggested standardized identity management
to facilitate personalization, cross-device usage

Many of the big players in mobile (incl. OS vendors, operators, social
networks) are also identity providers.

W3C ran a workshop on the topic 3 years ago: which resulted in the ongoing work
on the Web Crypography API.

But I'm curious to hear this group's perspectives on whether we should
look at more work in this space, what mobile brings as specific needs,
the type of use cases we would like to see facilitate, etc.



Received on Wednesday, 29 January 2014 14:48:32 UTC