Re: RfC: LCWD of Vibration API; deadline March 4

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> On 2/11/14 9:24 AM, "ext Marcos Caceres" <> wrote:
>> Please see below... the same applies for this group, as vibration is
>> highly relevant to mobile devices. People are encouraged to review and
>> respond individually, but it might also be nice to have a group response.
> I just wonder if there is any ways for a user to disable (mute) this
> feature, not entirely disabling a phone to vibrate, but per site.

This is up to the implementation, UAs could provide such a feature if they wish. OTOH, a sound approach is also what Michael described earlier.

> Or some sort of an UI indication so the user would know when the site
> buzzes.

I suggested something like that [1] when we discussed this earlier in the group. An implementation detail too, and varies depending on the platform conventions, interaction model etc.

> It may be confusing if a phone vibrate when you are not expecting.
> Usually, when your phone buzzes, you know you are getting a message etc.
> because you do see it coming on the notification system.
> And by the way, have you seen this?

Domís comments in the post are worth reading [2]. The group considered this as a feedback in the process pre-LC, but no changes to the specification were deemed necessary as a result.

On a related note, and perhaps interestingly, it seems people donít consider vibrating the device without the userís permission a high-ranked concern [3].




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