[Pick Media Intent] ED update with Media dictionary refinement

Hi all,

I updated the ED of Pick Media Intent:

The major change is the Media dictionary definition part (5.1 The Media

After Burlington meeting, I refined the properties of Media dictionary based
on the survey of several platforms and web services (Appendix B):

I believe the result Media dictionary covers wide use cases with reasonable
minimal attributes. I would like to hear your opinions based on which I will
make further refinement. After that, I plan to contact some of the service
providers for their feedback on the Media dictionary and the spec, and
hopefully ask them to provide relevant demo services.


* Here's the diff on Media dictionary from the last version:
[Excluded property]
-id: not necessary. media object can be identified by content.uri
-updatedDate: "date" can represent createdDate and updatedDate.
-frameRate: usage is low.
-language: usage is low.
-ratingCount: usage is low.
-samplingRate: usage is low.

[Added property]
+composer: use case exists. e.g., audio player app
+trackNumber: use case exits. e.g., audio player app
+subtitle: use case exits. e.g., video caption, song lyrics, etc.

[Name change]
category --> genre
filePath --> path: more generical naming. In remote case, the attribute can
deliver additional URL information.
fileSize --> size: more generical naming
publishedDate --> publishDate

[Type change]
resolution: DOMString --> dictionary Resolution (having width and length

Jungkee Song
Samsung Electronics

Received on Wednesday, 25 July 2012 04:38:21 UTC