Re: Explicit intents privacy concern

Yes, the major concern is that the data reaches a site without user consent or involvement.  

The approach discussed in the face - face, the "speed bump" , is not to pass the data with this initial connection, allow a user to go "back" without sharing data

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Frederick Hirsch

On Jul 23, 2012, at 2:20 AM, ext Paul Kinlan wrote:

> My general thought would be that this is mitigated by the fact that we can deliver data asynchronously, and if required get the users approval to let the data in to the service app.
> I think some of the worry is that I am don't have the service installed, because I don't know where the data is going when I click on the button in a client page, it might open up Facebook or G+ and I might find that my data being visible to these abhorent, it might be worse to the user if the service invoked is a site that is completely untrusted.
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