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Hi Jean-Claude,

I agree that connection of Web Intents with unmodified, non Web Intents enabled devices, is also interesting. There are advantages and disadvantages with both approaches. However, as stated before, we have started to work on a specification with the clear assumption "Web Intents enabled local devices". The statement "A Web Intents enabled UPnP device MUST ..." is therefore correct as it says what is required from a Web Intents enabled UPnP devices. The statement does not say anything about or exclude Web Intents for non Web Intents enabled UPnP devices.

I hope to get bandwith after the summer to look at Web Intents for services on non Web Intents enabled local devices. This includes not only UPnP and mDNS devices but also Bluetooth, USB, ANT+ etc connected devices.

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Your addendum describes a connection of web intents to modified UPnP devices and services.
I claim that it is perfectly possible, and preferrable, to connect web intents with unmodified UPnP devices and services.

I remember, Claes, when you said that the two are not incompatible.
I hope you are right, but I am not so sure.

I actually object to the "A Web Intents enabled UPnP device MUST ..." sentences, because they carry the implication that only those UPnP devices can work with web intents, that only modified UPnP devices can and unmodified UPnP devices will not.
And that is not true, according to me.

I am not sure exactly what change would make the addendum acceptable to me, but that seems to be the most sensitive issue.
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On 27juin 23:32, Nilsson, Claes1 wrote:

I have uploaded the draft Web Intents Addendum specification on Local Services,

In addition there is a video of a demo of the use case "Play video on remote device using Web Intents",

Feedback is welcome!

Best regards

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