SV: Web Intents UPnP Local services addendum comments

Thanks for these comments Frederick.

The Action header is optional so the UA may retrieve the Web Intents document for all Web Intents UPnP services with missing Action header. This is stated in step 3.
Note that this section is informative and describes typical steps taken by the UA while still open up for implementation creativity.
The normative statements in section 4.1 shound be enough to support interoperability.

I will provide more informative text that explains this scenario and increase font size in the images.

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I have a question/comment on the updated Web Intents UPnP Local services addendum

section 4.2.1

Do NOTIFY announcements necessarily include the header? If not, then step 2 should probably be revised to include all announced services except for those that explicitly have an action header and where this does not match the action needed (e.g. include unless reason not to, versus only include if action matches)

Appendix A2

I think a bit of explanation on how the discover intent is used to get to the picker step 2 would be helpful (e.g. what are the implied steps between image 1 and image 2)

The text in the PNG images is not that clear, a slightly larger font would probably help.


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