Re: Web Intents - Suggested Deliverables (part 2)

Hi Paul,

By "intent tag", you mean the propose <intent> element, right?

Is there a reason you believe a new element for this is needed, rather
than, say, using the <meta> element?

If there's been some discussion about that elsewhere already, and you've
explained it, maybe just post a pointer to that discussion here (so we can
have it in the mail archive for this group too -- for the next time
somebody asks).

Maybe that explanation is something that you could add to as well.

Paul Kinlan <>, 2011-11-22 01:23 +0000:

> I want to ensure that an custom intent tag is not excluded from this
> discussion.  We should also scope out areas where discovery is not included
> but provided for, in the case of esoteric devices not considered in this
> scope that might have network discovery mechanisms etc.

Michael[tm] Smith

Received on Tuesday, 22 November 2011 01:35:53 UTC