Web Intents - Suggested Deliverables (part 2)

I believe the terms in this email were introduced in my previous email
[1], if not, hopefully they'll be further explained in subsequent

§1 On Deliverables.

My hope is that this TF produces:

A. Best Practices.

Basic Audiences: Clients, User Agents, Partner Providers, and Users.

Possibly one per audience or one unified document.

It's unfortunately likely that each of these will be externally superseded.

B. Provider Description Definition For Discovery.

The Business Card definition. This could be an HTTP header, a mime
defined file, and/or an html link notation. Its purpose is to
advertise that a given URI supports a given Action. This enables
Discovery of Partner Providers by User Agents.

C. User Agent Bindings.

How one requests an Action and how it is delivered (and how additional
data is included) to a Partner Provider.

D. Action Description Framework.

How one defines an Action so that Clients know what to give as input
and what Partners need to Provide for that Action.

E. Basic Actions

According to this Action Description Framework.

Probably one per Action (Share, Call, Print, Location, ...).

Now that could be one document, but I expect at least Five.
Probably 3 + n × (Best Practices) + m × (Basic Actions).

[1] http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-web-intents/2011Nov/0000.html

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