Re: Role of operations?

On Jun 19, 2005, at 6:24 PM, Mark Baker wrote:
> It's just that the service provider has already defined the
> operations to their service by virtue of adopting HTTP.  The  
> operations
> a client might want to use from their programming language (e.g.
> "searchByISBN") are none of its business, and moreover, they'd be  
> lying
> if they said they offered them... or else, if they actually did offer
> them, then they wouldn't be RESTful.  Either way, it's not anything I
> think a Web friendly description language should involve itself with.

Agreed; I can see how you read that into the first one (which is why  
I don't have much taste for it), but how does that follow from the  
second one (tarawa-style, for those that remember)?

POST is a special case here, of course; that said, it should still be  
defined in terms of POST-this-media-type-to-get-that-one.


Mark Nottingham

Received on Monday, 20 June 2005 04:05:54 UTC