Re: Code generation or forms?


in general, I think I still do not understand what code is to be  
generated from the descriptions.

On Jun 8, 2005, at 11:03 PM, Paul Downey wrote:

>  Do you have use-cases which preclude my
> generating agents from a web-http-desc for services such as these?

Here the answer is explicitly 'client-side', yes?

The problem I have with generating client side code is that the  
client being an HTTP client
anyhow and given it understands (== has the semantics coded in) the  
message MIME type there
should not need to be any extra information for the client to advance  
through the state machine (that is the service).

It should  not need extra information because from understanding  
theMIME type it should understand the semantics of the hyperlinks in  
the message.

Or what am I getting wrong here? Can you sketch an example of the  
code that you'd like to see generated?


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