Re: Code generation or forms?

Hi Mark!

> I wonder if some use cases for the description language aren't in 
> order?

Looking at the various DLs kicking around, there seem to be
several services commonly used as examples:

- Norm Walsh's Where In The World:

- Yahoo! search services:

- The Atom API:

and I would add:


- flickr REST APIs

and other similar services abound out there, hence interest
in describing them more formally. But as I know you're aware of
these services, i wonder if i've just sprung a trap :-)

> Does anybody else have some use cases supporting code generation
> requirements?

So i'll turn that round. Do you have use-cases which preclude my
generating agents from a web-http-desc for services such as these?


Received on Wednesday, 8 June 2005 21:03:22 UTC