Declaring restrictions on processed data

Hi Jan,

On Wed, Jun 01, 2005 at 10:26:59PM +0200, Jan Algermissen wrote:
> On Jun 1, 2005, at 9:41 PM, Jan Algermissen wrote:
> >and each allowed transition is a combination of HTTP method and a  
> >definition of what may
> >be sent as a message body (aka form)
> Mark,
> I have allways wanted to ask you what you would think about adding a  
> means to express
> 'accepted RDF schemas' to RDF forms but also felt that that was  
> somehow missing the
> point.

Yes, because schemas change relatively frequently, just as with XML
schemas.  I think media types are the right level of granularity here.
Containers can reject stuff that won't duck-cast(*) to anything they

>I just realized that I would actually need some way of  
> specifying accepted
> RDF graphs (e.g. via patterns[1]) to use RDF forms for what I have in  
> mind. What are
> your feelings about such an addition?

I don't see the need.  But if you wanted to sketch out an example
to prove me wrong, feel free.

FWIW, I think this is actually an issue generic to forms language at
large, not RDF Forms specifically, so I think it's worth discussing

 (*) cast using duck typing


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