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[web-bluetooth] Pull Request: Add GATT assigned numbers section François Beaufort via GitHub (Friday, 20 August)

[web-bluetooth] I want to package a browser that supports webble by myself (#558) 长青空手道 via GitHub (Tuesday, 17 August)

[web-bluetooth] Navigator prioritizes one bluetooth device over another one (#557) David Montesinos via GitHub (Friday, 13 August)

[web-bluetooth] Pull Request: Remove Bluetooth assigned numbers names François Beaufort via GitHub (Friday, 13 August)

Re: [web-bluetooth] Service and Characteric aliases not obvious (or missing) (#535) François Beaufort via GitHub (Thursday, 12 August)

Re: [web-bluetooth] Service Worker support for WebBluetooth (#422) Reilly Grant via GitHub (Monday, 2 August)

Re: [web-bluetooth] Bluetooth 4.0 - Secure Simple Pairing (SSP) / Pin-Code Support (#555) Reilly Grant via GitHub (Monday, 2 August)

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