Re: [web-bluetooth] Navigator prioritizes one bluetooth device over another one (#557)

Air time in the Bluetooth RF band is a limited resource and so it is possible that there isn't enough for both devices to transmit at the same time. If there is a problem here it isn't a Web Bluetooth specification issue (this repository) but an implementation issue. Please file an issue report against Chromium using this link:

Please assign the report to the "Blink>Bluetooth" component and include the following additional details:

1. The model of motion sensor and, if possible, a link to where we could purchase one for testing.
2. The platform being used (Windows, macOS, Android, etc.) and whether the issue is reproducible across multiple platforms.
3. The amount of data being transmitted by the device and the frequency at which it is transmitted.
4. A sample of the code you are using to receive the data which demonstrates the issue.

Add a comment here with a link to your issue report when you are done. Thank you.

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