Re: [web-bluetooth] Consider merging `txPower` and `rssi` into `pathLoss`

Sometimes the TX Power isn't placed in a standard field, but in
manufacturer data (e.g. iBeacon) - in which case you'd need the RSSI 
calculate path loss in your app after extracting the data yourself.

On Thu, Mar 19, 2015 at 12:23 PM Jeffrey Yasskin 

> @jhedberg <> mentions that applications 
> been able to give a rough distance estimate using *only* RSSI when 
> Power isn't available. This implies that many devices are 
transmitting at
> similar powers: maybe we can document that assumed power so people 
> combine lists sorted by path-loss and by just RSSI.
> This either seems like a good reason to keep the fields split out, 
or a
> reason to use that assumed power in computing the pathLoss field. 
> we'd need to add a marker that the pathLoss is approximate, which 
> more toward keeping the fields separate.
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