[web-bluetooth] Consider merging `txPower` and `rssi` into `pathLoss`

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== Consider merging `txPower` and `rssi` into `pathLoss` ==
03150ae1134b5c8ac363516059ec9f1c20e67ed3 split the `pathLoss` field 
into the primitive fields that Bluetooth exposes, in line with 
 emphasis on providing the lowest level capabilities.

I think this particular field is a reasonable exception to that 
guideline because the only use I've heard of for these two fields is 
to compute the path loss as `txPower - rssi`. If there's no use case 
for the components, should we just expose the derived value, instead 
of making users figure out what to type?

Bluetooth exposes this information as 2 fields because they're 
computed in two different places: TX Power comes from the transmitting
 device, while RSSI comes from the receiving device.

See previous discussion at 

See https://github.com/WebBluetoothCG/web-bluetooth/issues/76

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