Re: [web-bluetooth] Switch to ReSpec's contiguous IDL mode.

<sup>**[index.html, line 323 
And you were just complaining that the patch is too big. ;) Done with 
the `<a>`, although not uploaded yet. I wonder if these should be 
Notes for the same reason I'm using the notes below.


<sup>**[index.html, line 327 
I can do sections with headers in this version too. I actually have 
more control over the titles of the sections, too.

However, the paragraphs that just name fields is more consistent with 
other specs:

Actually, the Fetch spec doesn't even describe the fields of its 
dictionaries, which lends more credence to the idea that they should 
be notes at most.


<sup>**[index.html, line 907 
They're not normative, in that they don't say "name MUST return Xyz". 
Instead, attributes MUST return the last value they're set to, and the
 rest of the spec talks about setting them where necessary. I haven't 
yet added the "MUST return the last value they're set to" text for 
most of them, and instanceID in particular is an outlier in that it 
has way too much MUST that's already covered by how it's set.

This is somewhat inconsistent with other specs, but I found one that 
does it this way ... that I'm trying to re-find so I can imitate it in
 the "MUST return the last value they're set to" text. I think it 
would be difficult to invert this and give user-friendly descriptions 
of the attributes that are also normative.


<sup>**[index.html, line 981 
file](</sup> uses the awkward 
construction "The static redirect(url, status) method, when invoked, 
must run these steps:". Everything in that spec starts with "The", and
 talks about the method doing things instead of the UA.
 uses the same construct, but skips the "The".

@marcoscaceres, any preferences?



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