Re: [media-and-entertainment] Globally synchronized playback (#5)

Yes. Facebook has a watchparty thing too. Frankly, I find the user experience of these things to be not so great - forcing viewers to leave familiar interfaces/services and start minding things like login and sessions and group memberships and chat and all these things. As such, I would not be very surprised if viewer feedback was lukewarm and content provider interests correspondingly reserved...

How about something convenient? Say just making it a feature of the regular offering - just make live Web TV synchronized always (like TV used to be) or optional by toggling on or off? What about just sharing a link if you want to watch VoD content with someone? This would be invisible for users that don't care for it, and easy enough for those who actively want to engage.

That said, I don't think collaborative viewing even makes my "top 10 uses of global synchronization" - so estimation of content provider interest should ideally have a broader scope than just this one use case.

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