Re: [media-and-entertainment] Globally synchronized playback (#5)

Great to see that Apple is pushing for multi-device sync !

Also great that they are referencing the Timing Object proposal :)

Interestingly, there seems to be a little confusion as to how these proposals relate to each other.
Specifically, the Webkit explainer lists the synchronization mechanism as a non-goal, and points to the Multi-device Timing group for a solution for this mechanism.

However, the Multi-device Timing group also defines the sync mechanism as a non-goal -- as it is not clear that standardization will be needed for this function. Instead, the timing provider interface was proposed to allow timing objects to use different services for synchronization. 

So, the two proposals certainly share some goals. I see the Media Session Coordinator API as shaped for a specific application type. It is also not geared towards precise sync (a non-goal).

I expect it would be easy to implement the Coordinator API on top of timing objects. This would make it easy to sync with non-media things as well. 

In any case, with Apple pushing for this, I'm hopeful there could be some renewed interest for this within the Media and Entertainment IG :) 


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