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Re: Need your help (was RE: [media-and-entertainment] new commits pushed by ashimura)

From: Adam Roach <adam@nostrum.com>
Date: Wed, 6 Feb 2019 11:35:38 -0600
To: "Levantovsky, Vladimir" <Vladimir.Levantovsky@monotype.com>, "public-web-and-tv@w3.org" <public-web-and-tv@w3.org>
Message-ID: <e9a7bade-be64-34a3-74bf-9bbe209abc59@nostrum.com>
The issue (for the first URL, at least) appears to be that proofpoint is 
including the trailing colon in the URL.

For example, if you click on it, it takes you to:


If you then go to the URL bar in your browser and remove the colon:


Then you get to the correct location.


On 2/6/19 11:15 AM, Levantovsky, Vladimir wrote:
> Folks,
> My company is using Proofpoint URL defense service that scans emails for malicious links; as a result, the links sent in email messages use a redirect via Proofpoint to the original page (see below). This kind of processing is usually invisible if the email is delivered in the HTML format (the text of anchor element representing the web link stays the same, while the actual link is modified) but with plain text emails the original links are no longer visible.
> I am consistently getting 404 errors from various links from GitHub (like the first one in the email below) and am trying to figure out if it's in fact a bad link generated by GitHub or bad URL defense processing that damages the link. Did you experience the same, or is it just me?
> If any of you have the original [unmodified] plain text email - can you please take a snapshot of it and send it to me as an image? I realize this is an odd request, but if you simply forward the original unmodified email to me it will be processed in exact same way and I won’t be able to see the original GitHub URL.
> Thank you for your help,
> Vlad
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> From: ashimura via GitHub <sysbot+gh@w3.org>
> Sent: Wednesday, February 6, 2019 9:06 AM
> To: public-web-and-tv@w3.org
> Subject: [media-and-entertainment] new commits pushed by ashimura
> The following commits were just pushed by ashimura to https://urldefense.proofpoint.com/v2/url?u=https-3A__github.com_w3c_media-2Dand-2Dentertainment-3A&d=DwIFaQ&c=euGZstcaTDllvimEN8b7jXrwqOf-v5A_CdpgnVfiiMM&r=jb2T9D8Np5j0t1X2JtGDVMxJyD5fvLoEPxzRs46vOK4UfGfOrlVsyuleed6YRZk5&m=63_JVFU94ag54KNPeO9K2Az7OCnetYNhYOaKkqFxIi4&s=uZ0JOe0JH_JOiRTYjWbFhM-Ia3jjIyj4WSmnjubocws&e=
> * add w3c.json
>    by ashimura
> https://urldefense.proofpoint.com/v2/url?u=https-3A__github.com_w3c_media-2Dand-2Dentertainment_commit_bd8a618500b303b953b6f8bd07fe598dbc76a0cc&d=DwIFaQ&c=euGZstcaTDllvimEN8b7jXrwqOf-v5A_CdpgnVfiiMM&r=jb2T9D8Np5j0t1X2JtGDVMxJyD5fvLoEPxzRs46vOK4UfGfOrlVsyuleed6YRZk5&m=63_JVFU94ag54KNPeO9K2Az7OCnetYNhYOaKkqFxIi4&s=8Y9zAuP-rv3sS71s6be_zwEGszRqVPpn0Lrr1V33YpE&e=
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