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> Tobie, I agree that resources are the essential element, but unfocused resources don't help us meet any specific goal. Perhaps people misinterpret the use of the term "shepherding". The intent is not to diminish the effectiveness of the work being carried out at a spec and framework level, and we would have to watch carefully to ensure that didn't happen.
> But if W3C members are now somehow allergic to the discussion and strategic work toward a larger vision for TTWF, I guess that discussion will have to occur elsewhere - unfortunate but perhaps a practical necessity.

A strategic, long term vision for TestTWF already exists. It's detailed in the test plan, multi-year budget, etc., material which you are familiar with. What's lacking to carry this vision forward is--again--funds and engineering resources.

Discussing how to focus said resources before they become available is moot. 

Characterizing current resources as unfocused is offensive; Momentum is picking up around the project, both in terms of contributions and vendor involvement.

As is customary for open source projects, goals are determined by those actually doing the work. This is done though the communication channels described on It has been lightweight and very effective so far. I don't see any reasons to change it. 

The only value I can imagine non-engineering time can bring to the project at this point is by reviving the funding task force and successfully driving the funding effort. This projet doesn't need guidance or overview it needs resources. 

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