RE: Call for Volunteer to Drive the Initiative of Tuner API (or Channel Control API) Community Group

We have made two changes to the WIKI. (

First, we have added references and the remarks from the e-mail on Gap analysis.
Second, we have added Channel API in the discussion part and made a link to the Terminal T/F wiki.

Please see the changes.

Wook Hyun, Sung Hei Kim

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Dear SH

Excellent reminder. Would you mind summarizing it and/or linking it to the wiki page setup by Daniel [1] ?



김성혜 wrote:
> Dear All !
> We (ETRI) are interested in participating in the Tuner API (or Channel
> API) CG group.
> One year ago, we have made a proposal in the Terminal T/F 
> (, entitled 1. Channel.
> This draft text describes requirement for controlling the channels 
> such as channel identifier, getChannel, etc.
> I think we can use these contents as part of the discussion in the new 
> CG group.
> Since we have a domestic standard regarding channel control for 
> web-based smart TV platform,
> I think we can provide some inputs to the CG works.
> In the previous mail
> (
> ml, 
> l), we have made a survey on related specifications on tuner control 
> and channel identification.
> I think this survey can be revisited.
> Regards,
> Sung Hei Kim, Wook Hyun.
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> *Subject:* Call for Volunteer to Drive the Initiative of Tuner API (or 
> Channel Control API) Community Group
> Hello team,
> We discussed Tuner API CG initiative in the CC this morning. Giri from 
> Qualcomm indicated that we need to act fast if we want the technical 
> specification to be reused by other SDOs and the industry. This is 
> because some other SDOs, such as HbbTV, is developing its own 
> specification of channel control. And some projects such as EU-funded 
> webinos project [1] have also developed its TV Control API [2].
> Daniel has created a wiki page for the discussion of initiating this 
> Tuner API (or Channel Control API) Community Group. In essence, we need:
> -5 supporters, which we believed we already have
> -Name of the Group: there are several suggestions, such as TV Control 
> API, TV Channel API, Channel Control API, etc. Considering the scope 
> of API is not limited to broadcasting but also needs to cover all 
> types of media sources, Channel Control API seems more appropriate. 
> But it needs to be discussed and finalized
> -Scope of Work: an initial scope of work is highly encouraged
> -A Chair to lead the group and drive the result for the sake of quick 
> time-to-market as Giri indicated above.
> Thus we are calling for volunteer to drive the initiative of this 
> Tuner API (or Channel Control) CG, i.e.:
> -To finalize the name of the group
> -To drive the initial scope of work; and
> -To assume the leadership and drive the result of the Channel Control 
> API Specification for the quick time-to-market
> Please let the group know if you are interested in driving this initiative.
> This closes my action item 191.
> Thank you
> Bin Hu | Service Standards | AT&T
> +1-650-946-8317
> [1]
> [2]
> [3]

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