webtv-ISSUE-64: Network Service Discovery (NSD) Testing [testing]

webtv-ISSUE-64: Network Service Discovery (NSD) Testing [testing]


Raised by: Bin Hu
On product: testing

Provide comprehensive test suite for Network Service Discovery (NSD) specification to enable a web app to discover and subsequently communicate with HTTP-based services advertised via common discovery protocols within the current network.


NSD allows JavaScript to discover, communicate, select and manage other network services, specifically in a local network such as home environment.

It supports a wide range of use cases in home network, for example, web-based TV remote control of multiple home appliances, offband messaging channel of communication, support of UPnP, JSON-RPC, Protocol Buffers or other messaging formats, and related privacy and authorization mechanisms.

Supporting NSD Testing will accelelate the time-to-market of NSD-enabled device in home environment and other circumstances, and provide end users with better user experience in managing multiple services in a local network.

User Agent support is required as the JavaScript library needs to be extended to support NSD.

What needs to be standardized: 
User Agent needs to be exposed with NSD-enabled JavaScript library.

Received on Thursday, 28 March 2013 23:10:01 UTC