webtv-ISSUE-63: Encrypted Media Extensions (EME) Testing [testing]

webtv-ISSUE-63: Encrypted Media Extensions (EME) Testing [testing]


Raised by: Bin Hu
On product: testing

Provide comprehensive test suite for HTML5 Encrypted Media Extensions (EME) specification to enable playback of protected content, and related use cases ranging from simple clear key decryption to high value video.


HTML5 EME extends HTMLMediaElement to allow JavaScript to select content protection mechanisms, control license/key exchange, and implement custom license management algorithms.

It supports a wide range of use cases without requiring client-side modifications in each User Agent for each use case. This also enables content providers to develop a single and robust application solution for all devices (TVs / STBs, smart phones, tablets and PCs etc) supporting a range of content decryption and protection technologies.

Supporting EME Testing will accelelate the time-to-market of EME-enabled device, offer the consumers with EME-enabled video services and provide end users with better user experience without dependency on Flash or SilverLight.

User Agent support is required as the JavaScript library needs to be extended to support EME.

What needs to be standardized: 
User Agent needs to be exposed with EME-enabled JavaScript library.

Received on Thursday, 28 March 2013 22:44:08 UTC