Fwd: liaison letter from OIPF to W3C Web and TV Interest Group

we have received a liaison letter from the Open IPTV Forum, containing an  
update on their "Web Standard TV Profile" work.

The document is available for free download, although it requires some  
contact information.

Feel free to send to this list (or to me if you prefer) any comment you  
may have on the document, so that we can collect them and forward them to  
the Open IPTV Forum.


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Subject: liaison letter from OIPF to W3C Web and TV Interest Group
Date: Mon, 03 Jun 2013 18:13:22 +0200

Dear W3C colleagues,

Over the past months, the Open IPTV Forum has been working on updating its  
browser based specifications from the HTML 4, CSS 2 generation of web  
standards to the HTML5, CSS 3 generation of web standards. The first phase  
of this work has just been published, the “Web Standards TV Profile”. This  
profile defines a selection from those Web specifications that have  
achieved a high degree of stability. The functionality chosen is targeted  
to support interoperability between entertainment services and connected  
TVs / set-top boxes.

The second phase of this work is now in progress. This will update volume  
5 of our specification to replace the references to HTML4, CSS2, (etc)  
that are indirected through CEA-2014 with references to this new profile.  
References to CEA-2014 will remain for those features defined by CEA  
rather than the W3C.

Feedback on this profile is welcome as there will be an opportunity to  
fine-tune it as the second phase of work approaches completion.

The document can be obtained from the OIPF web site at this address;  

Please feel free to circulate this letter on your public email list.


Giuseppe Pascale
Product Manager TV & Connected Devices
Opera Software

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