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[testing] Web & TV Testing TF Notes Feb. 14, 2013

From: Clarke Stevens <C.Stevens@CableLabs.com>
Date: Thu, 14 Feb 2013 21:54:39 +0000
To: Clarke Stevens <C.Stevens@CableLabs.com>, "public-web-and-tv@w3.org" <public-web-and-tv@w3.org>
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Here are the raw notes from today's meeting. I'll clean them up and post them on the Wiki.



The Web & TV Testing task force will do the following:

  *   Collect Web & TV testing use cases from relevant sources (W3c & related external organizations) (e.g. "Testing a browser embedded in a commercial TV" or "use of W3C tests by third-party certification organizations").

>Get use cases from as many sources as possible - that are relevant (look outside W3C, OIPF, DLNA, DTG, HbbTV, CEA?…)
>Clarke: add and begin to populate use cases onto the Wiki page (skeleton document for requirements)
>All: Add relevant groups to the list above and add use cases as necessary to the Wiki (include references when adding use cases from other organizations)
>We need to recruit contacts from each of the groups of interest:
DLNA: Mark
OIPF: Giuseppe, Paul Higgs
CEA: Clarke
DTG: Sky or BBC participant?

  *   List requirements for W3C test tool features to achieve the use cases (e.g. "ability to test embedded browsers").

>Clarke to add skeleton requirements document. (Mark will fill in the ones he's collected so far. Others do the same.)
>Analyze use cases and extract requirements to add to requirements section of document in coming meetings

  *   List prioritized requirements for W3C specification test coverage to achieve the use cases (e.g. HTML5, Media Source Extensions).

>Starting point: work that PLH presented in testing meeting. Showed intersection of a couple requirements sources. Clarke to add link in notes here…
>Do other groups have prioritized HTML5 requirements? OIPF, etc.?
>Add to list items from MPTF & other Web&TV sources, downloading, recording, etc. (Bryan)
>Begin thinking about test strategy and coverage…
>Common mobile/TV spec list: http://www.w3.org/wiki/Testing/Common
>Mobile/TV differences: http://www.w3.org/wiki/Testing/Profiles
>We may want to update this list to fill in the gaps - EME, MSE, etc.
>Clarke & Mark: Follow up on: Perhaps schedule a joint mobile/TV meeting - verify commonalities and differences

  *   Identify gaps in the current test tools.

>First get requirements together
>Then identify test tools, W3C Framework first. Send our work to them, then do the next item

  *   Identify gaps in the current test coverage.

>See mobile/TV meeting suggestion above

  *   List features important to Web & TV members and classify them in terms of testing priority.

>Big priority meeting - can maybe be collapsed back into the previous two points
>Final decision-making

  *   Work with the Web Testing IG, Browser Testing and Tools WG, HTML Testing TF and other relevant W3C groups to communicate the requirements and develop a strategy to fill the identified gaps.

>Test Framework Task Force, Test Management Task Force, Resource Center Task Force - Provide them with our Requirements document.
>Follow lead of MPTF to pass off requirements to these other groups and work in the 3 groups listed above
>Contribute requirements to Resource Center Task Force - Prioritized table by topic (i.e. TV, mobile, etc)

>Clarke: Work with Giuseppe to get a good meeting time (ongoing).
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