Re: [apis] Gap analysis for Network Service Discovery

Hi Daniel

At todayís call, we decided to postpone the discussion regarding your proposal to next week call to give you a chance to defend your opinion :)

My comments:

On 4Dec 2013, at 06:58, Daniel Davis <> wrote:
> 6. Device Authentication Mechanism
> Authentication is not in scope for the NSD spec. This is probably better
> handled with Web Crypto or others.

Agree. Actually, Itís not in Web Crypto neither (see todayís minutes and Giriís comment in the spreadsheet)

> 7. Local Access Control
> As discussed at TPAC, the requirement itself needs more refinement
> before determining how in-scope this is.

Re-reading the requirement [1], it looks to me like something which can go very deep and spawn to various WG. So as a second thought,  Iím not sure a simple refinement of the requirement would really help. 
It also relates to Local Network Service Protection [2] .

May be a specific discussion should be triggered on this topic? A wider discussion which could encompass that one is about protection on tv as a general topic: device authentication, app authentication, content access (remote and local). 

> 17. Tuner Control
> Tuner Control, or something similar, is likely to need its own spec or
> API so is not part of NSD. Moving this forward is being discussed
> separately.

Agreed. A CG spawn on this specific subject is under discussion :)



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