[apis] Gap analysis for Network Service Discovery

Hi all,

I've updated the requirements spreadsheet [1] to remove the question
marks from the NSD column. Actually, I turned all of them to red crosses
for the following reasons:

6. Device Authentication Mechanism

Authentication is not in scope for the NSD spec. This is probably better
handled with Web Crypto or others.

7. Local Access Control

As discussed at TPAC, the requirement itself needs more refinement
before determining how in-scope this is.

17. Tuner Control

Tuner Control, or something similar, is likely to need its own spec or
API so is not part of NSD. Moving this forward is being discussed

By the way, I won't be in the call today but hopefully this can resolve
the outstanding work for NSD.



Received on Wednesday, 4 December 2013 05:59:18 UTC