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Dear all,

I submitted yesterday a new UC "Multiscreen advertisement"<> . I think a new "Eventing Mechanism" between Broadcasting service and Applications  is needed for this UC. Below is the description of this Req.:

Eventing Mechanism

There SHALL be a mechanism for applications to subscribe to stream events of a TV Broadcasting service. Example: Application  will be notified when a commercial break starts or ends.  Broadcasting service MAY also sends limited amount of data in the event e.g. Ad ID or product ID.

Derived From
  Use Case Twelve<> - Multiscreen Advertisement

Do you think this is covered in other requirements?
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On 28 Aug 2013, at 13:45, Bassbouss, Louay wrote:

> Hello Olivier, are the requirements in the UC-Req-Xref document fix or can I add new requirement(s).

The requirements in the UC-Req table are all the ones listed and described in:

You should feel free to propose and draft additional requirements, of course. I would suggest sending them to the list first, as I reckon Giuseppe is in the process of moving the requirements document somewhere else and you wouldn't want to have an addition lost in the move.


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