Re: Mapping between DOM3 keylist and CEA2014/OIPF virtual keycodes

I'm not sure where you're going with this, but CableLabs has a remote key mapping spec for cable boxes if you want to look at that.


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Hi all,
I was trying to map the key values in DOM3 spec [1] with the ones defined by CEA2014
The result is attached. I was wondering if people on this list with relevant knowledge (Glenn, Mark, Bob, Doug, I'm looking at you ;) ) could check it and see if it they agree on the mapping.

In particular, I have an issue with the "back" key: CEA2014 have both a "VK_BACK" and VK_BACK_SLASH". The latter maps on DOM3 "Backspace" but what about the first?

(VK_BACK is the "return" key you find on many TV remote controllers)




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