Re: Mapping between DOM3 keylist and CEA2014/OIPF virtual keycodes

Olivier (replying in the right thread)

> VK_BACK is not specified in :
> [37] Advanced Television Systems Committee, DTV Application Software
Environment Level 1 (DASE-1) Part 2, A/100-2, 9 March 2003,
> Should you rather specify VK_BACK_SPACE (value 8)?

As mentioned below, the spec I'm looking at is CEA2014, and it includes
For the record the list I'm using comes from the OIPF Web Standards TV
profile shared on this list a while ago

Of course one could argue that VK_BACK and VK_BACK_SPACE are the same and
the first should be dropped. Is that what you were suggesting?

Note though that they are usually intended as different. See also this list
that Glenn put together a while ago


On Tue, Aug 13, 2013 at 9:43 AM, Giuseppe Pascale <>
> Hi all,
> I was trying to map the key values in DOM3 spec [1] with the ones defined
> CEA2014
> The result is attached. I was wondering if people on this list with
> knowledge (Glenn, Mark, Bob, Doug, I'm looking at you ;) ) could check it
> and see if it they agree on the mapping.
> In particular, I have an issue with the "back" key: CEA2014 have both a
> "VK_BACK" and VK_BACK_SLASH". The latter maps on DOM3 "Backspace" but what
> about the first?
> (VK_BACK is the "return" key you find on many TV remote controllers)
> cheers,
> /g
> [1]

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