Some feedback on use cases in MPTF-CP-Requirements

These are some notes I took while reading through.
If you would like me to file bugs I can -- but these are pretty minor I think.

The title of the document seems out of step with section 4's title "MPTF Requirements for Adaptive Bit Rate Streaming".

5.4 U4. Support for Browser Independent Implementation
"depedent" should be "dependent"
Should we add the "common errors requirement" to this use case requirement as well?

5.5 U5 Support for Playback of Encrypted Adaptive Bitrate Content
The two "playback" low-level requirements seem obvious to me, but the other three are less so. Why would this use case need to exemplify those requirements any more than the other use cases above?

These two requirements might be more appropriate for 5.3 "Support for a Baseline CDM" as you will need to discover that baseline CDM by name:
Identification of the content-protection method used    section 4.1.10 Identifiable Content Protection Method<>
Common parameters used to control content-protection method     section 4.1.11 Common Parameters<>

I will be on the call in a few minutes.

Joe Steele<>

Received on Thursday, 24 May 2012 15:02:17 UTC