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Has anyone addressed a comparison or synergy of this with CEA-2014? There's a DLNA group looking at this and I've heard it proposed that there is overlap. They started some time ago. I'm just beginning to talk with them.


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> Hi all,
> given the interest in working on the TV profile as announced in [1], is probably good to start a new TF in charge of it.
> I'll work in the following days to create a wiki page for such new TF.
> If someone is willing to chair this new TF, please let me know.
> About phone calls, the idea was to start with bi-weekly calls, let me know if there are any objections to this.
> Finally, feedbacks on the profile document (that meanwhile got some more text) are welcome
> The document contains some open question you may want to share your opinion on.
> Other open question where contribution are welcome are:
> - which technologies are fundamental for TV deployments and should be included in the profile?

I think there needs to be a section on web application packaging and metadata referencing W3C Widgets: Packaging and Configuration [1]; an issue identified in several submissions to the Future of Offline Web Applications meeting was competing non-interoperable packaging formats affecting TV/STB web app deployment. Some vendors are already using similar packaging formats (e.g Samsung's smart TV profile); there is also work taking place in the Webinos[2] project on extending W3C Widgets for TV applications.

> - how do we address evaluation of performances?
> - what kind of input methods should be considered?

I think traditional Remote Control input methods are a basic requirement for TV-based apps, as are virtual keyboards (most TV interfaces use both in combination). Further down the line, there is Kinect-type camera input coming from Samsung.

> Feel free to share your opinion but also to point to existing work in these areas.
> /g
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