[MEDIA_PIPELINE_TF] Meeting Announcement

In today's MPTF meeting, we seemed to be converging on the idea that CT2
(which specifics a lower limit for average bit rate), is not necessary.
The reasoning behind this is that a client that plays ABR content is
choosing the content to play based on quality level and bandwidth already.
Specifying a minimum bandwidth suggests a target, but if that minimum
bandwidth can't be delivered, there's likely nothing the client can do to
force more bandwidth. Therefore, the options are to buffer content
(possibly while stopping playback) or generate an error condition. Also,
there is no common way to specify quality across different
implementations. Unless and until we can resolve these issues, there seems
to be little support for CT2.

I am hereby soliciting comments on this issue. We will discuss this in
more detail during next week's call and either produce viable use cases
that meet our requirements, or remove the requirement.


Received on Thursday, 19 January 2012 20:58:11 UTC