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05 Jan 2012



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           Clarke, Graham, Kazuyuki, Eric, John, Duncan, Jason, MarkW,
           Bryan, Franck, David, Narm, Dave_Mays




      * [4]Topics
      * [5]Summary of Action Items

    clarke: thanks for all your discussion and great effort
    ... my first question is
    ... based on what we submitted
    ... how to follow-up?
    ... not sure about the traditional ways
    ... but reasonable to keep the current TF?
    ... or something else?

    kaz: several possible options
    ... including (1) extend MPTF or (2) create new TF for HTML
    comments, profile, etc.

    clarke: we need to determine which issues to handle
    ... consensus on defining option 3 on adaptive bit rate
    ... should we do that within this MPTF or need a new TF?
    ... also content protection
    ... and profiling
    ... how to deal with those three topics?
    ... any opinion?

    markW: there is already an approach of Webkit patch

    clarke: you propose a TF?

    markW: that's just a source code repository

    clarke: various options to handle that...

    markW: would suggest we should consider inplementation

    <dcorvoysier> Actually it's a bit more than just code

    john: before anything is provided, prototyping is needed



    clarke: prototyping

    jason: happy to work for prototyping

    clarke: sounds like good way to proceed
    ... MPTF goes for prototyping
    ... good approach for option 3
    ... what about content protection?

    jason: what does "creating a TF" mean?

    clarke: need a new charter, different call slot, etc.
    ... want to avoid unnecessarily procedure

    jason: agree

    bryan: agree

    clarke: so we'd suggest we'll extend MPTF
    ... and discuss prototyping, content protection, etc.
    ... that would be most sufficient
    ... in that case, what should we do?
    ... maybe we need to create a new charter

    kaz: ok
    ... in that case, we should copy the current charter and create an
    updated one
    ... mentioning the new topics

    clarke: ok

    dave_mays: btw, any feedback from HTML-WG?

    clarke: just a usual one saying it's now on the queue
    ... regarding the next week
    ... we'll have the CE Show
    ... who would not be available?

    dave: not available

    clarke: we can host the call from Las Vegas next week
    ... any link on prototyping?

    david: API is on Webkit bug

    (looking for the actual link)

    <dcorvoysier> This is the original post on the whatwg mailing-list


    <mark> [8]https://bugs.webkit.org/show_bug.cgi?id=64731

       [8] https://bugs.webkit.org/show_bug.cgi?id=64731

    <Clarke> Thanks, Kaz

    <jasonlewis> thank for the links.

    <jasonlewis> happy new year folks

Summary of Action Items

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