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From: Jan Lindquist <<>>
Date: Fri, 2 Sep 2011 03:04:37 -0600
To: "<>" <<>>
Subject: [HOME NETWORK TF] Addition to the related works section


I would request to add a reference to the section "Related works (informative)" of the work done by Ericsson Labs in support of an Ericsson contribution, originally ISSUE-16 which was merged with ISSUE-26 and -28. Below is the proposed text.

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Ericsson Labs

Ericsson Labs is the part of Ericsson Research that focuses on iterative open innovation and experiments with new technologies, services and business models. The purpose of Ericsson Labs is to support Ericsson’s vision of the Networked Society by working with partners including technology providers and third-party developers.

Ericsson Labs provides access to experimental APIs in their infancy so that developers can create new, innovative services. "Web Technologies" is one of the major categories of experimental APIs and the category contains API named "Web Device Connectivity".
Ericsson Labs: Web Technologies:

Web Device Connectivity:

The Web Device Connectivity API enables you to connect end users’ devices to the Web. It provides end users with new experiences of devices in their home networks being a part of the Web and web sites can seamlessly make use of those home devices. For example, an web site or a blog can access the viewer's DLNA enabled TV and let the viewer choose his/her DLNA enabled TV to play the contents on the web site.
Demo video:

Web Device Connectivity platform consists of a software running inside each end users' home network and interacting with home devices, in-cloud servers aggregating device information and enforcing security policy, and a Javascript library providing API for web sites. Developers can create web sites, by including the Javascript library, which accesses devices in end users' home networks through the Ericsson Labs Web Device Connectivity platform.

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