[HOME_NETWORK_TF] Timing of this TF (was: New TF on Home Networking - Call for Participants)

Hi all!

The TF's announcement mentioned the following:

> Another goal for this first phase is also to identify
> - if the requirements can be addressed by one ore more existing W3C WGs, OR
> - if a new WG is required, OR
> - if the work is out of scope for W3C

In this respect, I would like to bring some timing-related information. One of the WGs that could potentially pick up work from this TF is the Device APIs and Policy WG (aka DAP). I don't think that we would take on anything that is too strongly tied to TV, but we could probably be the right place in which to standardise some generic aspects that are likely to be useful across a broad spectrum of devices (for instance, discovery).

That's all fine and well but we're on a schedule. DAP's charter runs out in June, and as a result we plan to have a new charter ready inside of May (preferably on the earlier side of that month). Since we intend to be strict with our charter's scope, everything that is meant to go into DAP needs to be included in the charter. Therefore, any requirement output from this TF that would be intended for DAP to pick up should be defined within the next few weeks.

I'm not saying this to discourage people  quite the opposite! I'm pretty sure that if we bang our brains together we can come up with a well-defined enough set of use cases and requirements in the home networking domain. A lot of requirements discussions tend to start meta with a "how do we gather requirements" discussion. I'd like to suggest that we keep that to a minimum, perhaps just adopting the famous "dump your brain into an email, refine later" methodology.

Thoughts? Screams?

Robin Berjon - http://berjon.com/

Received on Wednesday, 30 March 2011 09:43:35 UTC