[webandtv] W3C Issues Report on Web and Television Convergence!

Today, W3C publishes a report from the Second Web and TV Workshop,
which took place in Berlin in February.

Berlin Workshop Report:

The report summarizes the discussion among the 77 participating
organizations and highlights some key Web and TV convergence
- Adaptive streaming over HTTP
- Home networking and second-screen scenarios
- The role of metadata and relation to Semantic Web technology
- Ensuring that convergent solutions are accessible
- Profiling and testing
- Possible extensions to HTML5 for Television

Prioritization now continues in the W3C Web and TV Interest
Group. That group will review existing work, as well as the
relationship between services on the Web and TV services. It will
identify requirements and potential solutions to ensure that the Web
will function well with TV.

The W3C Workshop in Berlin was made possible in part by sponsorship
from Netflix, IPTV Forum Japan, and Tomo-Digi. This second Web and TV
workshop was also organized with the support of the OMWeb EU project.

Read more in the full Press Release at:

and learn more about the Web and TV IG at:

For the Workshop chairs and the Interest Group chairs;
Kazuyuki Ashimura, W3C Web and TV Interest Group Staff Contact

Kaz Ashimura, W3C Staff Contact for Web&TV, MMI and Voice 
Tel: +81 466 49 1170

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