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Dear Mark,

On 2011-03-03, at 7:39 , Mark Watson wrote:

> [...]
> I agree with many of your points, but want to point out two things:
> - as time passes there will be less and less distinction between 'on the web' and the other domains you mention, at least on terms of technology.

I couldn't agree more.

> Given that we should strive for something we can all agree on.


> - when I said 'work-around', I mainly meant using something which pre-dates DASH - like our existing system, or Microsofts - rather than inventing something new.
> To Sylvias point, I really think if someone has some essential IPR in the manifest or file formats defined by DASH, then there are just two possibilities:
> 1) you can work around it by defining new formats, in which case the IPR is IMHO somewhat pitiful and likely valueless anyway, or
> 2) it's more fundamental and any other format you invent would also carry similar risks - in which case the whole question is moot and we might as well agree on the thing which is already defined.

Aren't your points on Silvia's remarks somewhat in contrary to your workaround point above? Sorry for confusion on my part.

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