Re: webtv-Issue-20: TV Querying and Control

I agree with Russell's points.
The use case can be implemented today with UPnP, yes, I have done pieces 
of that, and I believe Matt's team did more.
But I wonder about Matt's intent.
Is the intent of the use case that the HNTF-chartered WG would define a 
standard interface to those TV services, so that any companion device 
can connect to it without knowing the make of the TV ? In other words, 
that WG would define an abstract service to change the volume, change 
the channel, etc... in a way that can be mapped onto UPnP services.
If so, I do not know if I support it.
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On 6/6/11 10:17 , Russell Berkoff wrote:
> Hello,
> The submitter's test case appears redundant with long standing UPnP 
> function. We agreed to convey these requirements in a generic way as 
> part of  Issue-17 as well as in a UPnP specific way as discussed on 
> the previous call.
> The Justification section appears to incorrectly characterize UPnP:
> I've repeated the Justification  section since the W3 tools do not 
> allow comments to be attached to submitted document.
> *Justification:*
>     * Allows the creation of user interfaces utilizing companion
>       device features, such as touch screens. Such interfaces may have
>       greater usability than can be achieved with a traditional
>       infra-red button based remote control and on-television interface.
> UPnP allows any device to act as an external control point. This 
> device can determine the current state of the rendering device as well 
> as control the device.
>     * Standardisation could facilitate a new ecosystem of interfaces.
>     * Existing standards for home network communication are not
>       available from the browser context
> Actually CEA-2014-B has a web-binding for UPnP devices. PHP has a 
> binding for UPnP Devices (GUPnP). A desirable goal of this TF is to 
> have W3C also publish these (or similar bindings).
>     * Existing standards (UPnP?) do not support query and control of
>       content playback where the content is not being streamed between
>       devices
> UPnP embodies no such restriction. There is nothing in UPnP that 
> precludes a MediaRenderer from publishing locally based changes of 
> device state. If anything this would be encouraged to provide a 
> consistent user experience.
> Regards,
> Russell Berkoff
> Samsung

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