webtv-Issue-20: TV Querying and Control



The submitter's test case appears redundant with long standing UPnP
function. We agreed to convey these requirements in a generic way as
part of  Issue-17 as well as in a UPnP specific way as discussed on the
previous call.


The Justification section appears to incorrectly characterize UPnP:




I've repeated the Justification  section since the W3 tools do not allow
comments to be attached to submitted document.



*	Allows the creation of user interfaces utilizing companion
device features, such as touch screens. Such interfaces may have greater
usability than can be achieved with a traditional infra-red button based
remote control and on-television interface. 

UPnP allows any device to act as an external control point. This device
can determine the current state of the rendering device as well as
control the device.

*	Standardisation could facilitate a new ecosystem of interfaces. 
*	Existing standards for home network communication are not
available from the browser context 

Actually CEA-2014-B has a web-binding for UPnP devices. PHP has a
binding for UPnP Devices (GUPnP). A desirable goal of this TF is to have
W3C also publish these (or similar bindings).

*	Existing standards (UPnP?) do not support query and control of
content playback where the content is not being streamed between devices

UPnP embodies no such restriction. There is nothing in UPnP that
precludes a MediaRenderer from publishing locally based changes of
device state. If anything this would be encouraged to provide a
consistent user experience.


Russell Berkoff





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