Re: [all] [HNTF] Opera's device discovery proposal?

Hi Tatsuya,

Thanks for your review.

Igarashi, Tatsuya wrote:
> The technical proposal aligns with the use case ISSUE-24 very much and meets most of its requirements, I think.

You say 'most of its requirements' so if anything is missing and you see
a way to apply it to the proposal, please do let us know.

> Sony thinks such ad-hoc local discovery API is very powerful to expand the horizon of the web not only to home networked CE devices but also any kind of networked devices in the world. Indeed, the API would be an enabler of the ubiquitous web which can be accessed by user-agents.

FWIW, I agree. There are significant benefits beyond those explicitly
stated in the specification itself. Services don't have to be local at
all. There may be potential for web pages to register as service
providers in an intents-like model against this API also. Right now the
priority has been and will continue in the near term to be on core use
cases (such as ISSUE-24).

> I am very pleased to discuss the use cases and requirements in details regarding to the Local Network Service Messaging APIs. I also suggest you to invoke not only Web and TV IG's members and Device API WG's members but also other members in the discussion because the APIs is general enough to impact on any kind of industries.

I asked the W3C WebApps WG for review [1] but have not yet received any
responses. Warnock applies [2].

Thanks for your review and further feedback is welcome. FYI, I shall be
away from 21st July (Thursday) to 12th August inclusive so I will let
this proposal percolate. I'll be able to join in discussions when I'm back.

br/ Rich



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