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> In order to achieve the definition of the superset of profiles it  
> requires that W3C takes an active role to different external  
> organizations in order to create this superset. It also requires W3C the  
> respective groups of any changes.
> Just to better understand the expectations of such a profile here is an  
> example of a reference guide created in OIPF. Relating to W3C refer to  
> sections 2 and 3.
> If this is the equivelent of what is expected in W3C I am in favour of  
> such a task.

No, this is not what I was proposing.
Different industry group may start (are) working on HTML5 based  
specification. I believe that all these different groups will encounter  
similar problems down the road, ending up with specification that have a  
lot in common.

My proposal is to work together here on these common parts, so that such  
result can be reused by such vertical groups to make their vertical spec.

The spec I envision is still a vertical spec, probably not complete enough  
to be used as is but close to that.

> My concern will be if W3C attempts to make multiple profiles to address  
> different hardware and capacity requirements. This is best suited by the  
> external organization.
I agree,that is why I propose a meta-profile that can be re-used by  
different organization for their work.


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