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> Hi Mark,
> I generally agree to have a clear definition/boundary of HTML terminology
> for TV experience would be very beneficial to entire industry.
> In doing this, several things need to be considered that profiling is a
> little bit above scope of technical standard activities and rather close  
> to
> business model of stake holders, also as Mark mentioned in the previous
> mail, it depends onto physical device's capabilities in the projected  
> time
> frame. The device today will be far poorer than next year device.

agree on this and indeed what I envision is something different from  
traditional "profiles".
I'm thinking more about a "meta-profile" that can be used by vertical  
industry groups (or single companies) as base for their work.
Such "meta-profile" will still help to minimize fragmentation suggesting  
how things could be combined togheter to make a product or a vertical spec.

If the variables are identified beforehand, and all different profiles  
following this meta-profile have the same structure, is probably easier  
for people to understand the differences and for implementers to follow  

> Moreover, for helping implementer's develop program without confusion,  
> this
> work should do more than simply choosing which tags, attributes are used
> but also suggest values of attributes/properties such as default, min and
> max.
Also on this, sometimes is difficult to find values that fits every  
ecosystem, but if these variable are extracted in a common place, is  
immediately clear what people have to look at when reading one of the  
profiles generated by this meta-profile. Also there are mistakes that have  
been done in the past when doing "profiling" and that hurts  
interoperability; this meta-profile should clearly highlight what such  
mistakes are and why they should not be done.


Giuseppe Pascale
TV & Connected Devices
Opera Software

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