Re: [MEDIA_PIPELINE_TF] Adaptive Bit Rate Architectur

In the parameters section, I would like to suggest the following additions:

minLevel - Specify a minimum quality level or bitrate. This is provided in
conjunction with maxLevel for the use-case where an application wishes to
provide a facility for the end-user to lock their bitrate at a particular
level to prevent "hunting".

startingLevel - Specify the quality level at which playback should begin.
Some adaptive schemes do this implicitly based on the order of quality
levels in the manifest. Explicit control would be beneficial to
applications wishing to exercise greater control over the initial quality
level displayed.

Both of these are behaviors that are supported in existing adaptive

I've added them to the wiki. Feel free to edit as needed.


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On 12/9/11 2:00 PM, "Clarke Stevens" <> wrote:

>Please take a look at the Wiki page for Adaptive Bit Rate.
>I'd like to have a good list of parameters, and errors (for model 1 in
>particular) that we can provide for MPTF folks to review over the next
>view days. You can make suggested edits directly, or post your ideas to
>the reflector.
>Also, please make sure we are in agreement on the definitions of the
>architectural models.

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