[MEDIA_PIPELINE_TF] ISSUE-34: ViewPort-Support

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As requested in Action-67(http://www.w3.org/2011/webtv/track/actions/67)
I've looked into ISSUE-37 and whether it can already be done using
existing techniques. In particular with reference to the <map> tag.


In short the <map> tag allows a user-agent to define a clickable area on
an image, which will take the user to a link, if one is defined.
Allowing the map tag to be used in conjunction with the <video> tag
would be a feasible proposition. This "video map" tag could consequently
make the clickable area change the CSS of the video tag. This would
allow the a clip property to be utilised and any required scaling could
be performed then as well. Additionally if any animations are to be
performed, this could be done using CSS3 animations at this time. 


The question I have is if it is sensible to have an href attribute for a
"video map" solely to perform some javascript functionality, or whether
specific scaling attributes should be defined?


On a side note, I have noticed from using the CSS clip method on the
<video> tag, that the video controls are cropped as well. If I'm not too
mistaken this is highly undesirable, if not even a bug.


ISSUE-37 Link:





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