[HOME_NETWORK_TF] proposal to close ISSUE-16


In order to close ISSUE-16 I would like to capture the scenario described implementation in another issue. My proposal is to add text to ISSUE-28 (Network Media Controller) that would capture the scenario. Additionally I would like to add clarification on ISSUE-26 (Network Media Player) in a related mater.

There are 3 bullets in ISSUE-16 of which bullet 2 and 3 are already captured by existing issues. The bullet 1 is not covered. The step or statement relating to the action by an application or web page to ensure comptability of the content to direct the Media Rendering device to play content from the Media Server is not covered. An initial proposal is to add another bullet under the first sub-sub-bullet in scenarios section. A proposed text could be:
- Web page (or UA) determines which content from the Media Server is compatible with the Media Renderer device.

The ISSUE-26 (Network Media Player) has under the scenario a list of steps taken by the User-Agent which not clear. What is not clear is what is in charge of checking what content to list, is it the User-Agent or Web page/application?

Appreciate the clarification. If I get no response during the day we can take it up during the weekly phone conference today.

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Received on Tuesday, 9 August 2011 08:51:27 UTC