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[Samsung] UPnP makes a distinction between entities that control devices (UPnP Control Points) and entities that implement UPnP Devices. UPnP Control Points are non-discoverable and use (but dont implement services) while UPnP Devices are discoverable and generally implement services.


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	[Samsung] UPnP does not allow unencapsulated services or casual access to SSDP so a UPnP device wrapper would need to be provided. At that point the proffered UPnP device would become discoverable and could offer UPnP services. This assumes the UA supported the necessary UPnP stack functions (GENA, SSDP, SOAP, HTTP)and the page could access these functions. The question is loading a document into a UA that turns it into a UPnP device beneficial? 

JCD: A document does not turn into a UPnP device. A document may provide an additional service on the current device.
The current device is necessarily an HNTF UA, so already is exposed as a UPnP device and provides at least HNTF-related services.
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	Note: this could present significant security concerns. Also the question of the lifetime of the page and the ability page to establish itself as a background process become relevant.

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