Re: webtv-ISSUE-6 (UC Service Provider): Use Case: Document as a Service Provider [HOME_NETWORK_TF]

On 26/4/11 15:32 , Russell Berkoff wrote:
> [Samsung] UPnP does not allow unencapsulated services or casual access 
> to SSDP so a UPnP device wrapper would need to be provided. At that 
> point the proffered UPnP device would become discoverable and could 
> offer UPnP services. This assumes the UA supported the necessary UPnP 
> stack functions (GENA, SSDP, SOAP, HTTP)and the page could access 
> these functions. The question is loading a document into a UA that 
> turns it into a UPnP device beneficial?
JCD: A document does not turn into a UPnP device. A document may provide 
an additional service on the current device.
The current device is necessarily an HNTF UA, so already is exposed as a 
UPnP device and provides at least HNTF-related services.
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> Note: this could present significant security concerns. Also the 
> question of the lifetime of the page and the ability page to establish 
> itself as a background process become relevant.

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