[HOME_NETWORK_TF] UPnP AV 4th Revision (UPnP AV-4)



It appears that some of use-cases have been submitted that appear to address scenarios already considered in UPnP.


Any suggestions on the best way to resolve this?


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I should mention that there is a new UPnP revision that has completed UPnP member reviews and is in the process of final editing. UPnP AV-4 includes a number of features which may be of interest to Web and TV:


This is a brief overview of AV-4 features:


         Metadata Properties Additions

o   Metadata properties to create lists of (logically) related content items. 

o   Metadata properties to describe time-shift buffered content.

o   Metadata properties to describe content privacy (User-identity based content metadata access).

o   Metadata properties to describe non-multiplex content (AV content with separate audio, subtitle tracks)


         Media Server Mode Control

o   Action to command device to enter special modes (single user, low-power).


         Media Renderer Features

o   Synchronized Playback (Multi-room audio scenarios, precision clock source selection)

o   Renderer item information (Playback Item information from renderer:  DRM license parameters, supported playback formats)

o   Enhanced renderer settings (XML-based renderer settings documents)

o   Additional  renderer settings

  Closed caption selection

  Camera Angle selection

  PiP selection

  Audio Track selection (multi-language)

  Output selection




Russell Berkoff

Samsung Electronics

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